Composers Choice Contest | Summer 2021


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The Composers Choice Contest is open worldwide to all ages and nationalities. You’ll have to write music for a short film with a length of about 2 minutes. After submitting your composition you’ll be able to vote who wins in the following voting phases.

During registration, you’ll create an account that will give you immediate access to the film and allow you to submit your composition and vote. 

After registering you’ll find detailed instructions for this contest on your “My Account” page. Like where to download the film, how to submit and vote, how to sync your music to the film etc. Submitted will be only a video file with your music synced to the film. 

Registration: August 20th – Septmeber 19th
Submission: Septmeber 19th | 8 pm GMT

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at:

The Film: